Quarr and Binstead

Isle of Wight

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 New Quarr Abbey

Quarr farm entrance

The abbey, Quarr 1936. (Valentines)

An unusual card showing the entrance to the farm yard at Quarr, postmarked 1909.

Inside of Quarr Abbey

Quarr Abbey, Chapter House

The inside of Quarr Abbey (described as 'Church of Our Lady 

of Quarr'), probably from the 1930's.

The Chapter House, Quarr Abbey. (British Publishing Co.)

Quarr Abbey ruins

Old Quarr Abbey

The ruins of the old Quarr Abbey. (Photochrom)

A closer view of Quarr old abbey ruins, undated.

The existing Abbey may be seen in the background.

Quarr Abbey, art Binstead Church

Artistic view over the ruins of the old abbey and Solent, about 1910. (Tuck)

Binstead, Church of the Holy Cross, around 1905.
A smuggles grave, Binstead

The picture, right shows the gravestone of Thomas Sivell in Binstead churchyard. The inscription reads:

To the memory of THOs SIVELL who was cruely fhot on board his floop by fome officers of customs of the Port of Portfmouth on the 15th June 1785 at the age of 64 years leaving a difconfolate widow & family.

All you that pafs pray look and fee

How foon my life was took from me

By those officers as you hear

They fpilled my Blood that was fo dear

But God is Good and juft and true

And will reward each to their due

Note: At this time an 'f' was often used in place of an 's' in the English language


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Osborne House


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